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Google’s “Mobile Friendly” Latest Update

Last week on April 21, Google finally launched the mobile-friendly algorithm update that they have been warning about for last two months. Even though there will inevitably be websites that lose a significant amount of traffic, this update is not intended to punish any single site. The primary motivation behind this change is Google’s desire to improve user experience for all mobile users.

Google feels the pain of mobile users when they click on a result after a Google search, and then are unable to interact with the website. To counteract this negative experience, Google is just removing these results from mobile search in favor of websites that give a better experience to users.

How to check your Mobile Friendly Website?


Use above link to check your web site is responsive or not.

If you’re worried about the update, seoserviceinmumbai has built a new tool to help. The company says Mobile Visibility can help businesses understand which content is mobile friendly and which is not and how that affects Google rankings.